WhatsApp is not moving away from plans to show ads in the future, even if it is temporarily delayed. This has been reported in a recent media report. A recent report said that Facebook has decided not to show ads on WhatsApp. 150 million subscribers worldwide use this messaging platform. Initially it was known that WhatsApp can show ads in status without showing ads inside the chat.

Although plans to show ads on WhatsApp have been completely blocked by Facebook. A report has come out after receiving this information from a person involved in this work.

How to show ads on WhatsApp? In response to this question, a recent report has said that advertisements will be sent to the customer’s phone using Facebook and WhatsApp accounts using phone numbers. For this, Facebook is bringing Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp and Instagram under one umbrella.

Earlier this year, Facebook chief Mark Zuckerberg said it would take some time to bring all of the company’s messaging apps under one umbrella. This work may be completed by the end of 2020. So now it is less likely to start showing ads on WhatsApp.

However, using Facebook’s information to show ads on WhatsApp can raise big questions about the company’s security. Many people can delete their Facebook account to stop providing personal information to WhatsApp.

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