There were serious allegations against Xiaomi. The company is silently sending customer’s browsing data to China. Recently, an internet security firm has filed a serious complaint against India’s number one smartphone maker. It is reported that the Beijing-based company sends the customer’s browsing data to the Alibaba server in China. Xiaomi is also sending ‘incognito’ mode browsing data to China along with the information of the web browser that comes with the smartphone. Dismissing the allegations, Xiaomi said it was collecting browsing data while keeping the customer’s identity secret

Internet security researchers Gabby Serlig and Andrew Tierney have exposed Xiaomi’s phone security negligence. They said the Chinese company was collecting browsing data without the consent of the customer. This was stated in a recent report published in the popular Forbes magazine. Serlig said Xiaomi sent the browsing data of his Redmi Note 8 phone to Alibaba server.

Researchers say Xiaomi’s phone has leaked confidential personal information due to security negligence. Xiaomi has added additional features for this on Mi and Redmi phones. Serlig added that in addition to browsing data, the company has collected information on which folders have been opened on the smartphone. Xiaomi has also secretly smuggled information on which screens of smartphones are being used. It is alleged that the information was smuggled to servers in Russia and Singapore.

Although it is not a problem of any particular model. In addition to the Redmi Note 8, Serlig has also received information about data smuggling from multiple Xiaomi phones. Researchers have shown negligence in protecting phones like Mi 10, Redmi K20 and Mi Mix 3.

Serlig and Tierney also said that downloading Xiaomi Browser from Google Play Store is still a problem. This browser has been downloaded from the Play Store about one and a half crore times.

The Beijing-based company may have collected the data to understand the customer’s smartphone usage habits. Xiaomi recently teamed up with start-up data analytics company Sensor Analytics for this. Sensor Analytics has been added to the server that Serlig and Tierney have found.

Xiaomi has completely rejected this claim of the researchers. “The results of this study are inaccurate,” the company told Forbes Magazine. According to the company, the highest emphasis is placed on customer safety and privacy. However, Xiaomi has admitted to collecting browsing data on condition of anonymity. The company said that this was done to improve the customer’s smartphone experience.

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