Around 400 million subscribers across the country use WhatsApp regularly. As a result, it is a very favorite app of spammers to spread fake news. Recently, the popular messaging company has come up with one feature after another to reduce the spread of fake news. The number of fake news items has been on the rise, especially since the coronavirus lockdown began. So WhatsApp imposed restrictions while forwarding messages. Within a few days, the fruit was found in Hatena. Spreading fake news on this recently popular messaging app has dropped by almost 70 percent.

A WhatsApp spokesperson said, “We are taking all possible measures to stop the spread of viral messages. We have come up with restrictions on spreading too many messages that are forwarded. This message can be forwarded to a maximum of one chat at a time. The spread of fake messages has dropped by 70 percent since the new rules were introduced worldwide.”

Even if it cannot be stopped completely, it will be possible to curb the spread of fake messages under the new rules.

In April, WhastApp came up with strict rules for sharing more forwarded messages. Messages that have already been shared five times or more can be shared with one person at a time. However, it is still possible to create a new post with text and pictures of this message and send it to many subscribers at once. Although the company claims that spreading fake messages under the new rules has been reduced by about 70 percent.

Source- bengali.gadgets360

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