The new map is called Karakin and from the footage, we can see it’s a desert map set on an island off the coast of North Africa. The map will feature wide-open terrain for long distance rifle engagements in the mountains, but as it’s the smallest PUBG map so far, 64 player small, you can expect more close-quarters engagements than ever before – expect suppressors to come in handy as revealing your position too early will almost certainly spell death

On top of that there is also a new Black Zone that destroys buildings, some bullet penetration mechanics, and destructible walls. The Black Zone will target a random section of the map and unleash missiles, designed to flush campers out of buildings and out into the open.

Fifth Map: Karakin

Smaller is better, right? Karakin will be the smallest of five maps on PUBG with a 2 kilometer by 2 kilometer (2×2) dimension. It will be half the size of Sanhok, which is the next-smallest map at 4×4. Compared to the original Erangel map at 8km by 8km, Karakin is only 25% the size.

“It sets the stage for a high-intensity showdown for all the battle royale players,” said one of PUBG’s developers. “In one word, it’s tension.”

PUBG designed a shrunken playing field to induce frantic action. The map also includes a tunnel system that covers the entire battleground from the mountains to the urban areas. It looks more like Miramar’s desert setting. The backstory is that Karakin is an island in the Middle East.

PUBG Map Sizes (KMs)
Karakin 2×2
Sanhok 4×4
Vikendi 6×6
Erangel 8×8
Miramar 8×8

PUBG also added Black Zones to the new Karakin map. These are essentially drone strikes that will decimate a dwelling. The purpose is to force players out of shelter. This is the opposite effect of the current Red Zone in PUBG, which is a bombing raid that forces players to seek shelter indoors.

Karakin will feature breach points that will allow players to use newly-added sticky bombs to knock out walls in buildings. Some buildings in Karakin will also have thin walls that don’t shield players from bullet penetration.

Karakin is currently available on PC and console. The release date for the PUBG Mobile version of Karakin is unknown, but expected this summer.

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