2020 is a very bad year for our world. Since the end of 2019, our world has been infected with a virus called Corona. So far, millions of people have died from this disease. To fight this disease, we are now lock down under the government’s guidelines.We are isolated from the outside world. School,college and offices are all closed now.In this point mobile is a very necessary medium in our life. So mobile has become very useful for everyone from children to adults.

Also everyone’s companion in this Lock down life is now mobile. Apart from studying and working, this mobile is a way for people to spend their time.People are spending their time playing games, watching movies and using different types of social media through mobile. Various information related to corona virus is reaching people through mobile and people are becoming aware of it.

At a time like this when all the shops and markets are closed, people can safely at home and buy daily necessities through various E-Commerce sites with the help of mobile. On the other hand, people can help Others people by sending money through net banking.In this life of Lock down,if mobile was not in the hands of people, people would be depressed. In this Lock down life , mobile has become our biggest companion.

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