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Flipkart Fake or Not Fake Quiz True Answers – 19th August 2020

Flipkart Fake or Not Fake Quiz Answers

Indian e-commerce site Flipkart has started Quiz competition as amazon Quiz, Flipkart Daily Trivia Quiz and Flipkart Kya Bolti Public Quiz, Flipkart Fake Or Not Quiz

for their users to attract and to bring good visiter at in Flipkart site. Here we started to Give Flipkart Daily Trivia Quiz Answers for you guys so you can get all the correct answers here and you will get a chance to win some prizes.

Flipkart Fake or Not Fake Quiz Details:

Flipkart Today’s Fake Or Not QuizProducts ditals
Today’s PrizeWin Assured Free Supercoins Or ₹50 Gift Card
Time12 AM to 11:59 PM 19th August 2020
Flipkart Daily Fake Or Not Quiz Winners40,000+

Assured Rewards Of Flipkart Fake Or Not – 

Flipkart Fake Or Not Answers 

1. 1000 gift vouchers – 100 winners

2. ₹50 gift vouchers –  3000 winners

3. Free 25 Supercoins

4. Free 20 Supercoins

5. Free 10 Super coins

How to Submit Flipkart Fake Or Not Quiz Answers?

  • Open Flipkart App
  • Go to Dashboard and Tap on Flipkart Games Option.
  • Click On Flipkart Flipkart Fake Or Not Banner.
  • Flipkart Fake Or Not Questions will be there on time and you just need to give correct answers.

Flipkart Fake Or Not Answers – 19th August 2020

1. Harmonium was invented in India

Answer is – Fake

2. India’s Independence Day was celebrated with grandeur in London

Answer is – Fake

3. Varanasi’s Ratneshwar temple leans more than the leaning tower of Pisa

Answer is – Not Fake

4. Helium was discovered during a solar eclipse in India

Answer is – Not Fake

5. Monkey addicted to alcohol bites 250 people

Answer is – Not Fake

Flipkart Fake Or Not Answers – 18th August 2020

1. 50,000 smartphones to be distributed among students by Punjab Government

Answer is – Not Fake

2. Mumbai was given in dowry to the British

Answer is – Not Fake

3. A woman sets Guinness World record for having 14 children with 14 different men

Answer is – Fake

4. Hyundai showroom hires a street dog as a car salesman

Answer is – Not Fake

5. Mahatma Gandhi’s photo where he is dancing with a caucasian female has gone viral

Answer is – Fake

Flipkart Fake Or Not Answers – 17th August 2020

1. A polling booth was set up for only one person in 2019

Answer is – Not Fake

2. US cartoonist mocks Indian news channel in his cartoon

Answer is – Fake

3. Petticoat was worn by men

Answer is – Not Fake

4. Arvind Kejriwal Government fails to control Delhi floods

Answer is – Fake

5. 15 foot long mystery sea creature discovered on Britain’s beach

Answer is – Not Fake

Flipkart Fake Or Not Answers – 16th August 2020

1. Indian team could not play in the 1950 FIFA World Cup because they were not permitted to play barefoot

Answer is – Fake

2. Mammals can lay eggs too

Answer is – Not Fake

3. A video of Delhi Police nabbing a terrorist is recently being circulated online

Answer is – Fake

4. There is a museum in India dedicated to toilets

Answer is – Not Fake

5. The blast in Beirut was a nuclear explosion

Answer is – Fake

Flipkart Fake Or Not Quiz: Questions & Correct Answers 15th August 2020

Question 1. India’s Independence Day is celebrated on 15th August because the Japanese army surrendered in WW2 on the same date

Answer 1: Not Fake

Question 2. UN is promoting a new world order where the entire world will be governed by one government

Answer 2: Fake

Question 3. A temple in India exists where dogs are worshipped

Answer 3: Not Fake

Question 4. Rabindranath Tagore had also composed Sri Lanka’s national anthem

Answer 4: Fake

Question 5. A giraffe’s neck has the same number of bones as a human’s neck

Answer 5: Not Fake

Flipkart Fake Or Not Quiz: Questions & Correct Answers 14th August 2020

Question 1. Phone app uses phone camera to measure blood oxygen levels

Answer : Fake.

Question 2. BATA is an Indian Company

Answer : Fake.

Question 3. You have to plant 10 saplings to get a gun license in Patiala

Answer : Not Fake.

Question 4. 3000 tonne gold deposits discovered in UP’s Sonabhadra

Answer : Fake.

Question 5. The world salary comes from salt

Answer : Not Fake.

Flipkart Fake Or Not Quiz: Questions & Correct Answers 13th August 2020

Q1. Leonardo Di Caprio’s stepmother is an Amritdhari Sikh

Answer is – Not Fake

Q2. Polo is the only sport that does not allow left handed players

Answer is – Not Fake

Q3. A day on Venus is longer than a year on Venus

Answer is – Not Fake

Q4. French president Macron congratulates India on Rafale jets

Answer is – Fake

Q5. ICMR declares 15th August as the launch for Made in india Covid19 vaccine

Answer is – Fake

Flipkart Fake Or Not Quiz: Questions & Correct Answers 12th Aug 2020

Q1. The Tamil word “Aiyo” has been added to the Oxford English dictionary

Answer is – Not Fake

Q2. Three animals are visible on India’s National Emblem

Answer is – Fake

Q3. Meat and dairy industries emit more greenhouse gas than all cars on earth

Answer is – Not Fake

Q4. The original coca cola had cocaine as an ingredient

Answer is – Not Fake

Q5. Sending good morning messages can expose private banking information

Answer is – Fake

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