Again wins Ai in Poker Game

July 24, 2017 0 Comments;

Artificial Intelligence (AI) system has won this year by winning professional poorer players for the second time this year
According to the BBC report, AI has won 290000 US dollars to lose six human poker players in the exhibition match held in China. The name of the new AIT is called ‘Langepassashi’.

Early this year, AI has lost another human game at Poker Gym. The version was named Libertas. At that time, Leibertus lost four world-class players in a gamΓ© in 20 days.

Based on artificial intelligence, insects differ strategically from games created. It is possible to know about the ability of the opponent in other sports made in Ai based. Such as chess or go game But it is not possible to get an idea about the opponent’s card in a poker game. As a result, if there is no good card, the opponent can give different ideas. The new AI also learned this technique.

Gampee players can defraud (Bluff) Lengputasi.

This game was lasting five days. The name of Lengpusashi was created by Professor Tuomas Sandam of the Carnegie Mellon University and PhD student Noam Brown of the United States.

Eu Dew led six players against Ai. He won the World Series of Poker $ 5000 in the Texas Hold’em category last year.

In an interview with Bloomberg, Brown said, “People think bluffing is just for people. Now it seems that this is not true. One can learn from computer experience. If he does not have a good card, it can bluff it and get more money. ”

Lengputasi Ai like Libertas Ai has been mentioned by Pitsburg supercomputing center on a super computer.


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