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We are living in the age of technology so technology of today is becoming fast and succeeded in every walk of life weather it is field of automobile or computer so world is now on the way to sky in field and everyone wants new and better than previous.

The world by 2017 laptops is replacing desktops everywhere. Some of the laptops have everything a person can over ask for. Now they are adding expensive woods and metals. These metals adding the beauty and providing the beautiful surface of the is the list of top 10 most expensive laptop in the world 2017.

10: LENOVO THINKPAD W540 ($2300) :



Lenovo ThinkPad W540 is one of the expensive laptop in the market because this version and model come in the market with great features and specification which has very good display of ThinkPad. The length of display of this version is more than 15 inches with the thickness of 1.1 inch which is great and beautiful to watch so as we talk about weight of this version which is about 5.45 pounds so it is so much easy to hold is well. Keyboard of this model is spill free and also won the Award for its full size and pointing devise track. So this is trademark devise with high quality display and great performance with one port device and this design of Lenovo has also finger print reader and also won award for best design in the world. So price of this beautiful is also affordable which is not more than $2300.


9: ACER FERRARI 1100 ($3000) :


Acer ferrari laptop is most expensive but very stylish and pretty in different colors like yellow gray and black with Ferrari stamp. Some feature make this laptop special like 128-bit ATI graphics, a 4:3 ratio 15-inch LCD screen excellent keyboard , an ample 60-gig hard drive, 2.3 –GHZ AMD processor, 4GB RAM, 1.3 pixels webcam. Weight of this stylish laptop is only 4.4 pound. The sound quality is also very excellent.Acer produces this most expensive laptop the price of this stylish and unique laptop is $3000.


8: ALIENWARE 18 ($3600) :


The laptop is designed for professional gamers or game addicts with a dual graphics display in Windows 8.1 with Intel i7 processor and is basically a powerhouse. The audio is custom developed by Sound Engineers of Klipsch to provide superior quality.It has powerful RAM, speaker and processors and more attractive due to best configuration like 4 GB RAM a750GB 7200-rpm hard drive and dual Nvidia GTX 765M graphics on SLI with GB of memory.


7: DELL MOBILE PRECISION M6800 ($3800) :


IT admin introduce the Dell precision optimizer using (SSCM) system centre configuration manager. This optimizer is available in English Japan Germany Chinese Spanish and some others. It automatically control and secure setting and work in the background.It is a beautiful laptop is a product which includes high graphics and has 3D rendering. The laptop is also touch sensitive, for all 10 fingers, which is of massive use for swapping multiple items across the screen. It has high profile security option and the Dell Control Vault System and a super developed audio system.

It is most powerful computer and also provides the 3D facility . No viruses issue face in this stunning laptop and sound system is also very strong. This price is not so high according to their features, Its produce by the Dell and price is $3800.




This is most expensive laptop in all over the world. Mac notebook introduce p3 color which makes 25% more colors, But main color is green and reds. This laptop configured with 8gb of DDR3 Ram,8x super driver ,256 GBSSD, and display 15-inches.The first of the two Apple products to appear on this list. This laptop s unique because it uses a technology called SofTouch. The product is eye-catching because of it panther like grace and sleekness. It has only one color which is black and also available with very light weight. This laptop has very limited addition due to so high rate that’s why not affordable for everyone. This beautiful laptop released in 2009 and produced by the Apple. The price of this stylish laptop is $6000.


5: VOODOOENVY 171 ($6500) :


Voodoo Envy is special of the company that is introduced in market because it is so beautiful and elegant device of this computer as this is a comfort computer which is owned by Hewlett Packard. This device is considered as work station than that of ordinary laptop therefore most recommended by engineers and designers. There is lot of space provided by the company in this device but Alas couple of years ago the production of this device is no more by the company but it has set a new standard in the market as display of this machine is also so much large as compare to other laptops which is 17 inches with 4 GB Ram and capacity to hold about 600 hard but price of this device is also so much high which is 6500 dollars.


4: EGO FOR BENTLEY ($20000) :


Ego for Bentley the manufacturer of a beautiful classic laptop. So, is it really much of a surprise when one their laptops come out of their labs and win everyone over? The laptop is handmade by workers. The covering or casing is of original Bentley leather. The kind that is used in this laptop. The frame of the device is made up of white gold and the handle of the casing is like the ones in the Bentley cars named as knurling. The company only manufactured 250 such laptops.


3: MACBOOK PRO 24 KARAT GOLD ($30000) :


Mac book pro 24 carat gold is released from 2013 and it is also world most expensive laptop. This laptop is very shiny and very luxury version. It replaced by the official apple logo with multi colored diamond. It has Intel Core 2 Duo processor with 2.4 GHZ speed and 160 GB Hard Disk drive. It displays 15.4 with good specification like super drive 8X.

MacBook Pro is one of the very few products Apple released from its factory which is studded with jewellery material.Only a limited quantity is available worldwide.


2: TULIP E-GO DIAMOND ($350,000) :


Tulip E-Go Diamond as name of this laptops has described its standard as this high profile laptop with large of specifications but most important is its construction that made it so much expensive in market. This device is made of plates of pure white Gold which is beautifully coated with large no of Diamond that gives a magnificent look at the end. Logo of this laptop is also made by beautiful cut ruby which makes it rare in all devices in the world but according to reports by company it was generally made for high profile women which wants to hold it according to their personality so due to its small size it look like a purse for them so covers of this device are changeable but the price of this laptop is also large to hear as this laptop is rare which is 350,000 dollars and rank second in the world for most expensive laptops in the world.


1: LUVAGLIO ($1,000,000) :


Luvaglio, Top most popular expensive laptops in the world 2017

Topping the list is the Luvaglio, the only laptop in the world which is only acquirable if the company decides you are worthy enough after going through your bank balance. Every feature of the laptop is made with customer specifications. For the base metals the customer s can choose anything from wood, iron, gold, white gold and specific kind of leather linings. They can also choose which type they want.

The million dollar machine is built in such a way that the customer can upgrade it at any point of time. The cost of the machine is however not due to its specs or designs but because of its keypad. You cannot find any buttons on this keypad. Each key is made up of genuine diamonds. Also most of the parts of this most expensive laptop are manufactured by hand.






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