The smell is on! Solution with the help of small machines

July 24, 2017 0 Comments;

If you smell like it, the people around them can be understood easily, it can not be understood by itself. So when I feel a little sweat, sweat sweats from the ga! Again, it can not be easily asked whether the sweat is sweating from the face. But this time it will solve a small device.
On Thursday, a tech company from Japan launched this device. By this sweating of sweat through the machine itself can be understood that the sweat is sweating from the face.

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Like the small tape recorder to see the VICE An international media source has reported that if you want to use this device, download an app on the smartphone. After that the device has to be connected through the Bluetooth device with the smartphone.

Konica Minolata ‘company, known for its cameras, printers etc., is famous in Japan’s market. Koda, the head of the company, said that the temperature in Japan is increasing day by day. One day his office workers were discussing how much the smell of sweat was being put on so much heat. Since then, he comes to the head of the device.
The price of the device is known as 30 thousand rupees.


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