Tesla making the biggest battery in the world

July 25, 2017 0 Comments;

The world’s largest lithium-ion battery will be set in Australia. This battery is being installed by a ‘historic’ agreement between the power supplier Nien and the electric car maker Tesla.

South Australia’s Premier J. Weatherl said this battery will protect South Australia from the power crisis. Due to this power crisis the ‘Black Out’ occurred in that area, the BBC reported.

Such a system will be created within 100 days, otherwise the whole project will be made free – Tesla chief Eilon Mask has confirmed that his commitment is being protected. This is expected to be ready for the battery of 100 megawatts this year. “There are some risks here, because it will be the world’s largest battery,” Mask said on Friday, adding that “the world’s largest battery is 30 MW”.

It is said by the Australian government that this built-in Tasla and Niwon battery will be able to provide additional power at an emergency. “The way renewable energy is deposited will be fully converted, as well as stabilizing the South Australian network and impacting the price reduction.”

After contracting with the electric grid, counting the hundredth day of Mask’s commitment will begin.

Tesla expanding their battery business with the production of cars.


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