“Spider Man” 2018

The new ‘Spider-Man’ game has unveiled electronic products maker Japanese firm Sony.
unveiled the game for the Playstation Gaming Console, at the Gaming Fair Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3), held in Los Angeles, USA.

The game has been created by Inmanyanak Geimes. Earlier, the PlayStation Console has created games such as ‘Registry’ and ‘Ratchet and Clank’.

In 2015, the new Spider-Man game will be available in the market.

Sony Interactive Entertainment America’s president and chief executive Shawn Leiden said, “Unveiling the Spider-Man game. The future of the game is here and now with PlayStation 4 Pro and PS VR. ”

The use of Virtual Reality is increasing in the gaming industry. And with this the battle between fighters of the game makers is increasingly increasing.

In the previous week, Sony has said that they have sold around 10 million BR headsets worldwide.

In addition to Spider-Man, Sony announced the ‘Shad of the Colossus’ game in E3. The new version of ‘God of War’ will be available in the market next year with this game.

Sony has not released any new console at the E3 Fair On the other hand, XBOX OneX has unveiled rival Microsoft. Microsoft has claimed the most powerful gaming console in the new console this time.


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