Smallest phone launched

July 24, 2017 0 Comments;

Not only light, the phone has a very interesting feature. Many people like to call prank calls from other voices on the phone. And this phone has an option that can easily change the sound of the throat.

The phone looks like a credit card in size. The size of the phone is increasing day by day. Pars to pars, keeping phone calls to the people are frustrated The price of this GSM phone is known as only Rs. 3940.


This phone is not lightweight only. This phone will keep life stress free, because this phone is not ‘smart’ at all. Only voice calls and messages can be made through this phone.

The phone can be found in Rose gold, Silver and Black. The phone was weighed only 30 grams. The display size is only 1 inch. This phone has 32 MB of inbuilt storage. Although this small phone has up to 32GB of memory card slot.

This phone has MP3 player, FM radio, voice recording and call recording facility. This phone can be connected to Android phones via Bluetooth. In addition, the phone can also be added to the iOS phone.