Razer’s Project Linda is going to extend the capability of their Razer Phone

The last year Razer launched their first android phone, which was a very powerful piece of Android hardware with top notch specifications. Today at CES 2018, they have revealed a (concept) dock for the Razer Phone that turns it into a 13.3-inch Android based laptop.

It’s basically a Razer Blade laptop, only the difference is, instead of PC internals it’s powered by their Razer Phone inserted in the base of the unit below the keyboard via USB-C. Once plugged in, the phone’s display transfers to the laptop’s display, with the phone’s screen acting as either a touchpad or a secondary display. The dock features its own internal battery, as well as an additional 200 GB of storage (in current prototype).

According to Razer these announcements are the way to get consumer feedback. Some of their previous concepts eventually make it to the market, like the Project Fiona tablet and that even when they don’t end up shipping in their original forms, the R&D that goes into them can inform other products that do reach consumers. For example, the company told that the technology from Project Christine informed the Razer Core external GPU hub, which is all well and good, but it’s not nearly as ambitious as the original prototype.

With all that in mind, it’s tough to say whether or not Project Linda will ever make it to market, and if it does, whether its final incarnation will seem something like what we’re seeing today. But even if it doesn’t, it’s still an interesting vision of how device manufacturers would possibly be able to extend the power of smartphones even further. And who knows? Maybe Razer will be the one to eventually get the laptop dock idea to work.


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