Paytm users on android can now send money to their phonebook contacts

Paytm is one of the most popular mobile wallet apps in India and now the app lets in clients to send money to their contacts in a simpler way than before. Paytm customers on Android can now send the money to their friends or family simply through their Phonebook by going to the specific contact.

In order to send money to a contact, Paytm users need to open the Contact list and pick out a contact. Then they have to tap on the Send Money option. Then clients need to enter the required amount and proceed to pay. The company introduced the new feature through a Twitter submit on Wednesday.

The rumours about the coming messaging feature and now this feature, has come round after Paytm got an increase in share, thanks to the demonetisation initiative last year, and now it looks the corporation is looking to hold its user base by the way of providing handy switch points and introducing messaging capabilities.


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