No more broken glass… Motorola is working on self-healing glass material for the smartphones

August 16, 2017 0 Comments;

Motorola’s patent for this thinking exhibits in phase how the device’s smart glass would function. Note that we’re using the term “smart glass” right here for ease in explanation – in reality, Motorola’s plan for the device calls for a tons extra complex piece of material.

Here, Motorola seems to be working on something similar like “Memory Cloth” from the film “The Dark Knight”, however, as an alternative of electricity, they are the usage of heat and as a substitute of a cloth, there are transparent polymer.

Basically, each time the phone detects a crack or any kind of deformation,the person will be notified about the it andwill ask for an action. Motorola describes the phone’s ability of self-healing with thermal elements. Apparently, the heat from thesmartphone will be applied to the “smart-glass” from within. It is said that this heat would set off the smart glass’s form memory properties, resulting in the glass reversing the damage.

Once the person detects the crack, the smartphone can be instructed to follow heat on a select spot on the show by way of encircling or drawing around it. Yes, this sounds too good to be true right? However, before you get too excited, let’s address few matters about it. First of all, if and when Motorola manages to make this happen, the phone having this feature will not be “cheap.” Meaning we can anticipate it to price greater than your common smartphones since it would really enable the need to get your display replaced.

However, we would additionally like to inform that even if you have this smartphone having the capacity to self-heal itself, you nonetheless will discover your self-walking in the direction of the service centre if the crack or damage is beyond the factor of self-healing. Basically, only minor deformations can be fixed using this. Also, anything information we have right now about this smartphone are in patent papers. So don’t expect this to be a truth anytime soon.



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