The next step showed the mask

Elon Musk released the next step of his start-up Boring Company to start the tunnel.

The CEO of Space X and Tesla gave the idea of ​​Boring Company in 2016. The US engineer and entrepreneur tweeted the idea that the road jammed into the street jam.

Mask, who is known for giving innovative ideas, said in his view, his dream is to create a few tunnels that can be crossed without any traffic congestion of people and cars. It is not like driving through the tunnel. Rather it will be placed on a pod, and that pod will run on a network.

But to drive the car under the ground, a car will need an elevator or lift – it has been said in the US media CNBC report.

Testing The Boring Company car elevator

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In June this year, the mask said the first elevator is now almost ready. In the Instagram on Wednesday, he showed this concept with a Tesla car.

The car moves over a surface which is attached to the network below the tunnel.

In a report this month, it is said that engineers are going to carry out an important test with the idea of ​​a future Mask technology. It is expected that revolutionary changes will take place in the communication sector if the concept of ‘Hyperloop‘ is sent by sending a passenger and goods through a special air through a vacuum tube.

The United States Los Angeles-based organization Hyperloop One is working to make this technology. In the next few weeks, a spokesman for the country’s Nevada will be conducted, said spokesman Mersey Simon. In this test 28 foot long pod will be sent to some tracks.


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