A modular smartphone from Facebook

July 25, 2017 0 Comments;

Facebook has filed a new patent application in the US Patent and Trademark Office. It has been said to make a modular electromechanical device.
The device is actually meant to be a smartphone, which allows users to add new content to the device, according to the IANS report.

A business insider report on Friday said that this module device can add a speaker, microphone, touch display, GPS. It is also said to be capable of working like a phone, but the business-related US site.

Facebook’s Hardware Lab ‘Building 8’ emphasizes working on advanced cameras and machine learning technologies. That lab is working on the device.

It is said in the patent document that millions of devices connected to a server may be loaded with different software based on switched components.

It is said, “In general, the hardware elements in consumer electronic products are considered suitable for the end of the term, and the hardware components can not be used again because the consumer electronic products are closed systems. From a customer’s point of view, the life cycle of traditional electronic products is expensive and wasteful.

The report also said that using the ‘3D printing’ technology, this device can also be used as a phone or music speaker.

Not only the modular device, Facebook is also slowly monitoring the customer hardware products, which may include next-generation cameras, orgated reality (AR) devices, drones and even brain scanning technology.

The ‘Building 8’ company is working on four products which are undeclared.


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