LG to create new iPhone battery

July 30, 2017 0 Comments;

LG Chemical will supply battery for iPhone 9

A report on Friday confirmed the supply of battery to US technology giant Korea Economic Day.

It is believed that South Korea’s biggest chemical company will manufacture batteries for the iPhone 9. The iPhone 9 may come in market in the year 2018, according to Reuters reports.

LG has invested hundreds of millions of Korean on a separate line in the factory According to the sources of the organization, it is said that the ‘L-shaped’ battery will be made for next year’s iPhone.

When contacted, LG said that they did not comment on any inquiries about the customer organization. And it was not possible to contact Apple immediately.

After publishing the news, the price of LG Chemicals rose 3.7 percent increased Β on Friday morning, the highest since 2016. The share price has increased by more than 0.5 percent in the day’s stock
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