Jio will give free phone calls What are the benefits?

There has been speculation about the arrival of the Jio 4G Volty feature phone for a long time. Finally, Jio released it Jio has released a lot. It was expected that many more will be free. But it is not possible to get the phone free of charge.
The price of the phone was thought to be 500 rupees. But at the end, it will be free to match. Although it is a feature phone, it has been known to have various benefits of the smartphone.

Know the features of Jio4G Volt-
• Alpha Numeric Keypad
• 2.4 inch color display
• FM radio
• Torch lights
• Headphone jack
• SD card slot
• Battery and charger
• The system on the Four Way
• Phone Contact Book
• Call History Facility
• Geo Apps
• Microphone and speaker
• Inbuilt ringtone

While launching this phone, Mukesh Ambani said that Jio Phone will stop the use of phone to feature phones in the country. In a week, there will be 50 million phones in the market, he said. His claim, 78 crore phones used in the country. Of that, 50 million feature phone. But the internet can not be used with it. This phone will give those advantages.
Image Source – Jio


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