jio 4G VoLTE phone features leaked before coming to the market!

There has been speculation over the Jio 4G VoLTE feature phone for a long time. It was heard that this much anticipated feature phone will come in the market next week. There is a leaked video of what this feature has on the phone before. The set of the phone was known as ‘Life’ brand. Experts say this is going to have a huge impact on other phones brands after the phone is in smoke, but the phone is really worth 500 rupees.
Although it is a feature phone, it has been known to have various benefits of the smartphone.
Know the features of Geo 4G Volt-
• 0.4 inch color screen.
• 51 MB RAM
• 4 Gb internal storage
• 128 GB microSD card support
• SIM-SIM Dual-SIM standard nano +
• Two megapixel camera rear camera and front VGA
• Battery 2000 mA
• FM Radio
• Bluetooth 4.1 + LE
• 4 G phone features video call bholatii
Which will be the operating system on the phone, its name is “KAI OS”. This is due to the fact that the phone is designed to customize the HTML5 and the new operating system Firefox sistemakei.



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