ISRO solved the problem of guard-free level crossings

July 21, 2017 0 Comments;

ISRO solved the problem of guard-free level crossings,After the space of the earth, there is a dead seat in ISRO. Trouble is the problem of guard-free level crossings. Satellite technology will be protected by unprotected crossings. Cross-border crossing means crossing risks. 40% of the railway accidents are the same. Over 10 thousand crossings in the whole country. In the aftermath of this, Space Research Organization ISRO took over the rescue. ISRO has built an integrated circuit chip. It will be on the corresponding train. Alarmed labels will be mounted on the crossings. Hutara train crossings will be activated via satellite came within 500 meters. The alarm will start playing at the crossings. The alarm will be turned off when crossing the train crossing.

Mumbai and Guwahati’s capital express will soon set up integrated circuit of ISRO Railways will set up 20 unoccupied crossings on their respective routes, in three years, the railway has taken the aim of lifting all the unsafe crossings of the country. Experts hope that if Israel’s satellite security technology is successful, then the cost of construction of underpass and flyovers will survive. Besides, this technology will also be useful for field mapping.