He fell asleep while driving! This, of course, will wake up

July 21, 2017 0 Comments;

Long-running cars, their drivers sleeping in many reading. As it occurs as a result of an accident. But I fell asleep while driving, an application will protect you from accidents.
Rukhatei to fall asleep as a result of the accident, researchers at the Hong Kong Baptist University are about to bring a new application. This application can be understood automatically that the driver is falling asleep, or not. With the controller you will give up.
The front of the camera application will be on the driver’s driving record. After that, the application will know that the video driver is not able to fall asleep. Stiyaram drive wheel in the front, in the application, the front camera should be on. Frontal camera can be understood through the facial expression of the driver. Whether or not the driver’s eyes are closed, or if it is Dhule’s head repeatedly, this application will be everything.
This application will see at that time that the driver is falling asleep, then the alarm will do.
After an alarm, the driver in the face with hands, or to turn off the alarm. The application will run on smartphones. No other additional features are needed. Download the application I would only recommend. This application will record the entire driving