Hacking can stir the world, the brain waves can be known password

July 21, 2017 0 Comments;

There are some sophisticated methods in the hacking world, which can be easily handled by your password, secret documents
It is necessary to prevent hacking such a proper security system. Experts forbid to choose any word or number, from which it is easy to guess your PIN or password.
In addition, they are forbidden from filing files from unknown mails.
This is one direction. But guess what if hackers take possession of your thinking? This means that the pin number or password that is going on your head, you will know directly the hackers.

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A recent research suggests that simply tracking your thoughts, your PIN number and password can be detected by hackers. There are several Indian researchers.
According to a news published in an international press, there are electronic electroplograms (EEG Headset) to track the thoughts. Robot toys and video games, which are claimed to have a mind-set, can be controlled after this headset….

Nishish Saxena, a researcher at the University of Alabama in Birmingham, USA, said that the headset that played video games later, if the game is closed for a while, after logging in to its bank account after headset, her password or important information could be taken by the hackers.
He said that such a device has increased the possibility of hacking. Already, scientists have tested, clinical-grade headsets made for scientific testing. It can be seen, how easy is the Software program to acquire EEG Headset user Brenwave. It is known that, when typing a PIN or password, the user’s eyes, hands, eyes and muscles move together. It is possible to hold these movements through the EEG Headset.