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July 24, 2017 0 Comments;

The popular game King of Glory has given the time to reduce child addiction to the Chinese Internet giant Tencent.
It has been said on behalf of the organization that steps were taken to limit the game’s parents to the extent of “removing parents’ anxiety”.

It has become a matter of concern in recent times that in China children are overwhelmed by the habit of gaming. The amount of time and money spent by children in Tencent’s popular mobile game King of Glory has become a major cause of concern for parents, according to the BBC’s report.

From Monday onwards, under the age of 12, the Guimars will be able to login to the game for only one hour of the day. And more than that, they can get two hours of gamete playing in the day, but nine nights ago.

Tensent claims that their move is the most difficult step in the country’s fastest growing online gaming industry.

A spokesman for the company said, “Although China has not yet passed a clear legislation on gaming addiction, we have decided to lead it.”

It is said on behalf of the organization that they are working to get a better outcome for identity identification. As a result, those who do not verify the identity will not be able to play the game.

Currently, the daily active subscriber of King of Glory is said to be five million. Many such incidents have been reported in the country that teachers express anxiety and frustration with their children’s overwhelmingly gaming practice towards parents.

In Guangzhou, a 17-year-old gymmaker has been diagnosed with brain problems in the 40-hour play-off game.

Too many online gaming in many countries has become a matter of concern. And in many countries it has been seen to take different steps.

South Korea has banned online gaming from midnight to sixteen children under the age of 16. And in Japan, when playing a game over a certain period per month, it is warned through a pop-up window.


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