Extra fingers can be added

“My hand is just a pair” – Owing to the overworked pressure, such words are often heard in tired workers’ mouths. Now that the problem has been solved, the new system can be enhanced by adding artificial fingers to the performance.
Danny Clod, the product designer student of the London’s Royal Academy, is the founder of this thumb concept. He described his 3D printed ‘Third Thumb’ as an addition to the human hand.

He said to Reuters, “It is an extension of growth and increase in human body, as well as a good way to improve the human body and artificial technology.”

This thumb is placed under the smallest finger. This device is controlled wirelessly with the sensor mounted on the legs.

Claud said he was impressed with the idea of ​​developing human body using artificial limbs. He said, “I really like the concept of using artificial technology to increase human body in place to fix or replace.”

He also said that there is no plan to copyright the third thumb or to market it.


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