Classic ‘paint’ app of Windows come to an end : Microsoft

July 27, 2017 0 Comments;

Microsoft may drop the ‘paint’ app in the next Windows 10 update. The company has opened the app for about 32 years.

The app was not approved in a list published by Microsoft. This means that in the end of the year, “Paint” can be discarded from Windows 10 Fall Creator’s update, the Pentagon said in the US media CNBC report.

The Paint app is added to the first version of Windows. The version of Windows 1.0 was unveiled in November 1985. Microsoft has licensed a Paintbrush made by Jedsoft Corporation.

Initially it supported a bit of monochrome graphics. In Windows 98, customers get the chance to save the picture in the first JPEG file format.

Last year, the new version of this software unveiled Paint 3d, Microsoft Customers can now create 3D images with this software.

Paint is a popular app for many Windows customers. It does not have much advantages like Adobe Photoshop, but it has its own cry for simplicity.

Microphone has announced the official date of the Windows 10 Fall Creator update. And it is not clear now that the paint will be removed in this.


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