Chips have been placed in hand of Employees, New security system

July 27, 2017 0 Comments;

An US company is going to end the swipe of the card swipe. They have provided the staff to install equal microchip of rice.

Todd Westby, CEO of CNBC, CEO of Three Square Market, said that this is going to be the first institution in the United States to use this device. In 2004, the device was approved by the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

Westby said, “We think it’s the right time to bring in better innovation just as it is in recent times with uninterrupted cars.”

Micro-market technology provider hopes to set up this chip in the hands of 50 volunteers. Westby said this chip will be placed in the hands of him and his family members.

The cost of installing each chip is 300 dollars. It is placed in the middle of the thumb and index finger with a needle. It “does not hurt at all”, commented on Westby’s comments.

In this case, forgot to forget to bring a badge or credit card to an employee who is in trouble. Once installed by the employee, he will be able to buy food from the break room, open the door and start the computer.

In this case, there will be no doubt that the staff will be under surveillance, Westby said. He said, “Your cellphone can be identified wherever you are, but this device can be identified only if you are approaching six inches of the reader.”

The risk of the device being hacked is “There is absolutely no zero”, he commented. He said, “This is a very safe and secure device.”

He said that Biohex International, Sweden’s partner firm, of Three Square Markets has already started using it in the hands of some 150 employees.


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