Chat more secure! New features of WhatsApp

August 20, 2017 0 Comments;

The incorrect text or “typo” often changes the meaning of the sentence. It is a misunderstanding with another person. But it may be wrong. Thus, the new feature is that WhatsApp will bring you, even by sending a wrong message, you can change that message.
The name of this attribute “remembers”. According to the Webtonefone report, this feature has already appeared in the WhatsApp version of Windows Phone 2.17.218 beta. This feature is available for the next operating system, that is, Android and iOS. That is why WhatsApp is now getting ready for it.
By sending indirect words or by sending unwanted messages, he is no longer sorry. Because this new feature is added, you can edit that message. The feature should be placed on your WhatsApp Messenger. You will be able to edit it immediately after you send a message to the wrong message. But you have to edit these messages before others see it. This means that the message can not be edited after “feminine” or “blue thread” fall.


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