Careless way is to download the application! You can read the danger, instability researchers

July 21, 2017 0 Comments;

Mobile phones are part of our everyday life, this is nothing new. Our support has become our mobile phone for many personal goals. To save time, we get one aid aid. However, knowing that the regular use of programs can cause great harm to you. Why should not personal data be used as a result of trafficked programs? The latest research says:
Two professors from Virginia University Dafina Yau and Gang Wang are working with a research team. The whole team is thoroughly exploring how the information can be transmitted through popular apps used on Android phones.
Research has been created, your personal data can be endangered in two ways. First, the program, which is actually a malware, has been created for cyber purposes. Second, the app you can easily remove. The purpose of creators is not that they do not always understand these programs. Nevertheless, deliberately or unintentionally, the security issue has been proven to be obvious in the survey.
The research team has studied 110 150 programs and made a decision. Obviously, 100,206 apps are popular apps on Google Play Store.
Researchers say that it is necessary to keep the application safe. Nevertheless, his hope is that software companies will look new on the information they receive from their research papers. In this regard, there is a need to raise awareness. Be careful, even before the customer download, even the researchers ask