What is Blue Whale game?Mumbai teen Manpreet Sahans killed himself.

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A 14-year-old boy Sahans allegedly killed himself this weekend, jumping off the terrace of a seven-floor building in Mumbai’s Andheri on Saturday. The police are probing if the alleged suicide is linked to the fatal online game called ‘The Blue Whale’.

“The teenager’s friends were chatting on social media groups about his death being linked to the Blue Whale online suicide challenge game. But, we are yet to examine his mobile phone and social media groups where he was active,” a senior police official said.

‘The Blue Whale’ game is based on a 50-day dare in which the player has to tackle each challenge – posted online daily – and post selfies on the private group. The last stage of the game is suicide.

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The online game which originated in Russia, starts by asking participants via social media to draw a blue whale on a piece of paper.

The participants are then asked to carve the whale onto their body. The participants are given other tasks, like watching horror movies alone.

As per the reports of leading portal India Today, initial investigations have revealed that two days before committing suicide, Sahans had search for ways to jump from the terrace on the internet.  An insider had also informed the portal that, while leaving his school on Friday, the deceased teen had told his friends that he wouldn’t come to school on Monday.

It has also been said that the boy’s behaviour had changed completely, a  week before the incident. His parents also had doubt but they did not have an idea that their son will take this extreme step and end his life. They are now in a state of shock, claims media reports.


Blue Whale Challenge, also known as the Blue Whale 
Suicide Game
, is an internet urban legend about an online game in which participants are purportedly assigned a curator who provides various acts of self harm to be committed over the course of 50 days. On the final day, participants are urged to win the game by committing suicide. While over 100 teen suicides have reportedly been linked to the game, no direct evidence has been found.


In Russia in 2016, Blue Whale came into broader use among teenagers after a journalist brought attention to it through an article that linked many unrelated suicide victims to the Blue Whale, creating a wave of moral panic in Russia. Later, Budeikin was arrested and pled guilty to “inciting at least 16 teenage girls to commit suicide”, leading to Russian suicide prevention legislation and renewed world-wide concern over the Blue Whale phenomenon. It has also been linked to other rising self-harm trends, such as “human embroidery” in China.

In 2013, an early version of the game is rumored to have been launched on the Russian social network VK. On May 17th, 2016, the Russian news site RT reported that groups on VK were linked to “130 teen suicides in Russia.


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