Apple’s new three factories in the United States: Trump

July 26, 2017 0 Comments;

The President of US Donald Trump said in an interview given to Apple, the Wall Street Journal that will create three major manufacturing plants in the United States.

In an interview, he talked to the CEO of the American technology giant, Tim Cook, on his phone.

“I talked to Cook, he has pledged to build three big plants – big stars,” said President Trump.

In the interview, many issues were discussed by the US President, including tax reforms. And he said that Cook had called him to make sure that “the plan to build the plant is moving forward.”

In the election campaign last year, Trump urged US companies to increase production in the country to increase the number of jobs in the country. One of the organizations responding to this call is Apple, it has been said in the BBC report.

In a speech in January last year, Donald Trump said, “We will start making Apple computers in this country instead of another country.”

Currently almost all Apple products are made in China. However, the company employs developers and designers for the US. And this technology giant buys the parts from some of the US-based companies like Corning.

The company has also created a few products from the US contract manufacturing firm.

In May of this year, Tim Cook said that Apple is planning to invest US $ 100 million to invest in the advanced manufacturing sector.

The company did not make any comment when contacted to contact Apple to know about the report.


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