Airdog drone can be programmed

July 24, 2017 0 Comments;

Unveiling the dragon named ‘Airdog Eddie 2’, the Action Sports Drone Creation Startup Company has launched a special launch.

Following the customer through GPS, the drone follows the drone. Airplanes can be used to get drone drift and quick changes during the flight, says CNN’s report.

It is believed that it does not require any other drone-like remote or smartphone app, which is expected to be useful in sports events.

“It was not designed to run manually,” said Edgar Rosentilals, chief executive of CNN. This is designed for your activities when you do not want to think about any technology. ”

In recent years, a suitable market for sports drones has been created.

Airdog unveiled the first ‘follow me’ drone in 2015. The new updated drone allows you to program the path and height of AD2 in 3D technology.

If the customer wants to ride a ramp, he will be able to fix that route via the AirDog app or the Airplane screen, which will be adjusted with Google Earth. By the route the drone will follow the customer and avoid obstacles like trees or buildings.

In addition to this, the drone can run according to the customer’s movement or circling around it.

Drone wings can be folded and inserted into the bag. However, the drone does not have any built-in camera. Grapro Hero 5 camera is to be separated with it.

The drone will be in market in August this year. The price will start at 999 USD. Afterwards it will cost 1500 dollars


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