5 most secure smartphones in the world

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Now a days smartphones are come with hardware and software based security features such as fingerprint sensors, iris scanners, encryption and more.

But even though these are more than enough for majority of the users, there are some users who require nothing but the best when it comes to data security and privacy. For those security buffs, here are the top 5 securest phones in smartphone market.


1. Blackphone2: 


In these days of data vulnerability, the Blackphone 2 by Silent circle streamlines its users like primarily business and the core privacy-minded nerds with the security features.

The phone maker promises its consumer to receiving the security patch updates by google within 72hrs. of launching, while other companies even google promises to receive the updates within 30 days. This promise keeps this phone in the first in the list.





2. Blackberry keyone:

On the other hand we are talking about the Securest smartphone makers.

Yes we are talking about the Blackberry. If it is 2015-2016 the securest phone of the world is the Blackberry running on the Blackberry 10 OS based on the QNX Kernel. But unfortunately, the Blackberry OS is shutted down for its number of apps available in the Blackberry World.

But in these days Blackberry manufactures the android smartphones comes with DTEK security level monitoring. It is also a fully secured android device. This device has a bootloader which can’t be unlocked till now by hackers, which point makes the phone fully secured. And the phone also receives the security patch from google within a month.

Scrolling further down into the DTEK checklist, I also found security options including the ability to set up a custom unlock combination of password, PIN, and fingerprint biometrics. Multiple two-factor authentication options is a strong feature. I also found a “Trusted app sites” setting, which adds an additional layer of security atop Google Play vetting to scan for malicious apps before download. According to BlackBerry, the KeyOne is also set to go through full US government certification processes in order to be usable by the Department of Defence.


Unlike the more common smartphone encryption method known as full disk encryption, or FDE, the Pixels make use of a type of encryption known as file-based encryption, or FBE. FBE means that different files are encrypted with different keys that can be unlocked independently.

Google also discussed its use of ARM’s TrustZone software, which provides two benefits. Firstly, TrustZone enforces the Verified Boot process, which means that it won’t decrypt disk encryption keys if it detects that the OS has been modified/compromised. Secondly, TrustZone enforces “a waiting period between guesses at the user credential, which gets longer after a sequence of wrong guesses.” With this in place, Google says that trying all of a smartphone’s four-point lock screen patterns would take more than four years.

4.Turing phone:

Image result for Turing phone

It was a fairly swift, unexpected turnaround from what the company touts as hacker-resistant and “ultra secure”. Chao didn’t deny the phone has “groundbreaking security”, buthis backtrack seemed to raise more questions than Chao had answers. The long-awaited Turing Phone was first slated as an unbreakable, security-heavy smartphone that’s able to withstand the greatest of malware, hackers, and nation states attacks.

We got our hands on the long-awaited smartphone, dogged by delays and setbacks, in part because of a switch from Android to the lesser-known Sailfish OS. Yet, after a detailed and examined look, the device is yet another device in a long list of “secure” smartphones from a company, which nobody’s ever heard of, touting theoretical security and unproven privacy.

The phone’s flagship feature, a hardware encryption chip, dubbed the Turing Imitation Key, encrypts the Turing Phone, and it lets a device owner communicate securely through end-to-end encryption, said Chao.”When you initiate a communication, the other user’s private key is generated by the chip,”. That means every email, text message, and VoIP call to another Turing Phone will be encrypted, without having to rely on a third-party key server. If you want to communicate with someone who doesn’t have a Turing Phone, you have to rely on a third-party app

5.Boeing black:

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Boeing Black is the result of a collaboration between aerospace and defence giant Boeing and smartphone maker BlackBerry.

The smartphone comes with a self-destruct feature. This ensures that any attempt to break open the casing of the device triggers the auto-deletion of the data and software on it, thus rendering it inoperable.


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